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We at ALWAYS BROTHERS have an amazing opportunity before, but we need your help! ALWAYS BROTHERS was nominated to be part of a grant program held by Chase Bank. This program, Chase Community Giving, gives charities that chance to receive any number of grants from a $5 Million reserve. The recipients aree chosen by the public, by supporters like you. Voting is simple, beginning September 6, 2012 and ending September 19, 2012. You must cast your votes before September 19th, 2012!

$250,000 to 1st place, $100,000 to the next 10, $50,000 to the next 35, $20,000 to the next 50, and $10,000 to the following 100 charities.

Facebook users can vote up to 3 times. Chase Bank members have an opportunity to vote up to 5 times! Please read below to find out how you can help ALWAYS BROTHERS!

UPDATE: There have been issues with their website being overwhelmed. If you receieve an error, please try again when time permits.






1.) www.ChaseGiving.com: During the Voting Period, Chase customers will automatically receive two (2) votes ("Standard ChaseGiving.com Vote(s)") to cast during the Voting Period by visiting www.ChaseGiving.com and following the directions. Chase customers may also cast votes on Facebook as defined below. Voters on ChaseGiving.com can only cast one (1) Standard ChaseGiving.com vote per charity.

2.) Facebook: During the Voting Period Facebook Users on the Facebook Chase Community Giving application will automatically receive two (2) votes ("Standard Facebook Vote(s)") to cast during the Voting Period on the Chase Community Giving application found at www.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving (the "CCG Application"). A Facebook user can only cast one (1) Standard Facebook Vote per charity. Facebook users can earn one (1) bonus vote by sharing content from the CCG Application. Facebook users can share content in one (1) of four (4) ways: 1.) Clicking the "like" button in the CCG Application to share content by having it pushed to his/her Facebook news fee/wall. 2.) Clicking the "send" button in the CCG Application to share content with another person; 3.) Clicking the "tweet" button in the CCG Application and tweeting the URL of the content the user want to share with another person; or, 4.) Clicking the "copy link" button in the CCG Application and emailing the URL of the content the user wants to share with another person. If the receiving party links back to the CCG Application through the shared content and casts a vote, the Facebook user who shared the content will earn one (1) bonus vote. The receiving party must link to the CCG Application and vote during the same visit for the sharing Facebook user to receive the extra vote. The sharing Facebook user only will receive the extra vote if the receiving party uses the sharing Facebook users shared link to enter the CCG Application and vote during that visit. The bonus vote earned by the sharing Facebook user can only be cast once he/she has cast his/her two (2) Standard Facebook Votes. The bonus vote may be cast for any Eligible Nominated Charity, including an Eligible Nominated Charity for which the sharing Facebook user has already cast a Standard Facebook Vote. Eligible Voters must return to the Chase Community Giving Application on Facebook to find out whether he/she has earned a bonus vote as it will be displayed in the application header as well as in the "apps and games" link. There is a limit of one (1) bonus vote earned per Eligible Voter.

Eligible Voters who vote at www.ChaseGiving.com and Facebook have the potential of voting a minimum of four (4) times and a maximum of five (5) times. An Eligible Voter who is a Chase customer may be able to vote for the same Eligible Nominated Charity three (3) times, one (1) vote on www.ChaseGiving.com, one (1) vote on Facebook and one (1) bonus vote on Facebook if all requirements are met to earn that bonus vote as outlined above.

In the event of a tie, the National Program grant recipients will be chosen based on who received the most votes first according to the timestamp within Chase's records. On or about September 20, 2012, the National Program grant recipients will be announced on the Facebook Chase Community Giving brand page, as well as at www.ChaseGiving.com.

Chase is not responsible for, nor is it required to count, in its sole and absolute discretion, late, lost, misdirected, unlawful or illicit votes, votes cast for Eligible Nominated Charities later determined to be ineligible, votes achieved through automated means by registering more than one user profile, using another Eligible Voter's or Eligible Nominator's e-mail account, Facebook account, and name, as well as those that are achieved through other fraudulent or inappropriate means, including, without limitation, offering prizes or other inducements to member of the public, as determined by Chase in its sole discretion, or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct or in a manner otherwise inconsistent with these Program Rules.